Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Now I'm a SoleHunter

Driven by desire, captivated by the very idea, being fully-engrossed and subconsciously in a constant focus toward one thing. A tiger hunts for its prey driven by its instinct to survive, its relentless desire to fulfill its life's purpose, a hunter who grabs his gun and goes deep into the woods to find his glory to bring back home.

Since 2013 to 2015 I have been finishing my study in Singapore and graduated with a Diploma in one hand and a fashion designer's pride in the other. During those difficult time, while I stopped blogging and struggling to earn the S$50,000 worth of paper with my intricately-written name on it, I have discovered a brand new world. Yes, a BRAND new world. 

I bought my very first branded shoes when I went to LA in the summer of 2013. A pair of Charlotte Olympia and Brian Atwood. That's when it happened. An "issue" almost every man has to deal with their plus one. Shoes are addictive. Shoe is good, shoe is life. Good thing I'm on LDR right now, my plus one is currently living in the future so... My father is trying to take care of this "issue" for now. (I'm a daddy's girl and I'm proud of it). 

The maniac pump by Brian Atwood that started it all. In purple patent leather, this shoe was bought in Saks store at Orange County, LA. Maniac was quite a hit back then, it's a classic pump and apparently very comfortable. I haven't done a #shoefie for this shoe, I would do it in the near future though. For similar style, find it here.

Pic from Instagram: @floraneandhari
Another one I snatched at Neiman Marcus was this pair of Charlotte Olympia. I was thrilled to find its name is 'Flora'. LOL. Although it's a 140mm heeled shoes, it is surprisingly comfortable and fits like a glove. I promise you, these can make your legs look a mile long. Check this pair out here.

Driven by desire, captivated by the very idea, being fully-engrossed and subconsciously in a constant focus toward one thing

That's how I am right now, have you ever felt this way about something before? Or am I the only one? I suppose this makes me a hunter. A tiger lurking and waiting to lunge at its prey. Except that my prey is something that you put on your feet to walk in. 

I have so many stories about my journey in finding and snatching preys. Temporarily I will be a storyteller on how I get my shoes. banners with S.A.L.E written on it has been my constant bestfriend, I will tell you how this bestfriend can be yours too!

Bear in mind that all of the preys I will be telling you about are all real, no matter how ridiculous the pricetag sounds. 'Cause that's what SoleHunter does. I hunt.

Location: Surabaya, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia


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