Thursday, 19 November 2015

Olivier Made Me Do It

Throwback to last year when Alexander Wang was chosen as 'The One' by Hennes & Mauritz, I went to the H&M store in Grand Indonesia at 2 in the morning on the H-day expecting a sea of people crowding the entrance to H&M. Yet, I was a little disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm shown towards the collaboration, when I reached the queue I was the 20th in line. Back then my thoughts were: 1. Yay this is an easy fight; 2. Do people not know who Alexander Wang is?. Anyway I won that battle, I got everything I wanted, went home happily. Had a good night sleep afterwards.

I did not go home happily this time.

I guess Balmain does what Balmain does. I went to H&M at Grand Indonesia at 9pm, 11 hours before the launch. The view was nightmarish. People were blatantly paying off people to queue for them, and to gain multiple entries. Basically these people cheated the quota regulations set by H&M. Thus, by the time my group was called out to enter the area, everything was gone. GONE.

Now, I know that there is no law in the world that forbids you to pay off people to do your shopping or help you with your money-spending habit. But there is this thing called conscience, usually what it does is keeping your integrity, morals and values intact. Now when you cheat off people, I suppose you have lost those three mundane qualities in you.

Oh I just heard from my friend that some people are selling the Balmain x HM dress for 45million Rupiah (US$4000). Talking about conscience.

Nevertheless I was not gonna go down without a single shopping bag to go home with. I managed to snatched a top and that was it. It was not one I fell head over heels for, but at least I look extra skinny in them.

Paired with palazzo pants from Zara, my Dior reflected shades (a gift from my brother <3), Charlotte Olympia 'Cindy' pumps--that extra 14cm punch does its magic every time.

Thanks to the open-ended zipper at the back I can wear this top as a cardigan as well! The thick knit fabric would do exactly what normal cardigans do, except that it has shoulder pads. Which is awesome. I love shoulder pads.

I tried not to look so bitchy in pictures. But this God-given face was made this way and I can't really help it when people keep telling me that I look bitchy AF. I'm a nice person. Really.

Anyway, this might be the last time I'm letting myself spend 11 hours outdoor sitting on my butt on cold pavement just to get my hands on some pieces of clothing. I've got better things to do. Duh. But still, cheers to Olivier Rousteing! Forever a fan, forever sending you love. Balmain rocks! (The real Balmain that is oops!)

Friday, 30 October 2015


I remember several years ago when I was desperately yearning for a piece of the Versace X HM collection yet I failed without even trying (I was still studying in Singapore then, so the odds were never in my favor). The same happened when I missed the Anna Dello Russo's which was beautiful!!! But despite the frustration from relentless collaborations I had missed, I can recall a thought which had passed my mind back then, 'I won't miss Balmain, if there were to be one'

Last May when H&M announced its oncoming collaboration with Balmain, that was it. I lost my sh*t.

 For the last couple of weeks I haven't turned my laptop off. Chrome is always up and I think my laptop is getting tired of refreshing the same page over and over...and over...and over again: HM.COM/ID. I have been eyeing on all the latest news regarding #HMBalmaination, setting my target. Kinda like a cheetah lurking in the bushes, considering, calculating chances, and finally set its eyes on a target. Then it lunges.

My day of the year: 5th of November--the launch date. It may sound aggressive but I'm going to secure my grounds 24 hours before the promised day. Well it's still not as hardcore as those in other Singapore you would have to set a camp outside the H&M building about 3 days before the launch. At least that's what happened during Alexander Wang's collaboration launch last year.

If you think I'm crazy to go as far, check out the collection. You'll understand my fascination.

Now these are the pieces that I fell for...

Who wouldn't fall for these beauties....

Olivier Rousteing, the Balmainator was literally had to be stopped by the H&M team from trying to produce everything he had in his mind for this collection. H&M had determined the size of this collection and apparently Mr. Rousteing is very persistent on enlarging it. Too bad H&M managed to stop him..

With the staggering intricacy, elaborate detailing, almost comparable to the actual Balmain pieces, perfectly portrays the outlandish lavishness of the label itself. This collection certainly satisfies every Balmain-yearning souls, every sumptuous thirst. For that, thank you Olivier Rousteing for your generosity to share your genius mind to the world.

Oh, Kendall Jenner nailed her performance in the music video! Have you seen it? It's here.

I've never been the beanie/hat/cap-wearing person. But I think I just turn into one.

Have you noticed that the belt is the key to everything? It completes every look and it defines your waistline. It would be wrong not to get one of the belts.

The collection will be launched in Grand Indonesia in Jakarta on the 5th of November at 8 a.m sharp. Be ready. Be prepared. Because this is the #HMBalmaination era.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

White Marble and Salad

The Japanese has this saying: 'Each person has three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.'

Me and my two friends Jocelyn and Felita went to Singapore for our study, we took different majors at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts but fate brought us together. The three of us believe that most of art people are somehow "lunatic", not the deranged or demented kind of way, but it is probably because we are very emotional and passionate about something so abstract that we view the world differently than others. Thanks to these "lunatic" quality that we shared amongst the three of us, I believe we have managed to show our third face to each other. I am very grateful that I have came across these lunatics and befriend them. It's always nice to take off your mask any other day and just be you. I hope you will find these kind of people in your life and be able to appreciate their companion as much as I do.
We went to this cafe in Surabaya called Colibri located at Jl. Jawa, which is in the same area as Domicile. I ordered some calamari salad with balsamic dressing which I thought was quite good. I was feeling full when I finished my plate, but as soon as I saw sushi about 4 hours afterwards--I lost it. Guilty as charged.

Left to Right: Jocelyn, Felita, Me
I have been into onesies for some time now, and this playsuit is one of my favourite. White marble printed playsuit which apparently hugs my body like a glove (That doesn't happen that often as I am very particular about fitting)

Playsuit and white vest are from local brand N.Y.L.A, you can find their store in Galaxy Mall or Grand City here in Surabaya. 

Hands down I am irrevocably in love with Dior shades. The one I'm wearing is the Reflected, I will be out hunting for the So-Real pretty soon. I'm so looking forward. Love love...

Perspex clutch from Instagram: @clutchtheclutch, statement rings and customized name ring from Instagram: @aeroculata
Nail Polish: Dior 'Preppy Nude'

Mandatory shot with the Big Clock of Colibri

Do you know that flat flats are not very healthy for your legs? The good flats should have about 3cm of heels for it to be an actual support and healthy for your feet. The 3cm gamechanger that is. That's why I love Ferragamo New Bisque flats, I can walk for hours in it without pain in my heels.

Colibri Kitchen & Mixology
Adddress : Jalan Jawa No.32, Gubeng, Jawa Timur 60281
Phone :  (031) 5029392

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

When In Penang: Part 1

Back in September I had to visit Penang, Malaysia, It's a 2 hours 40 mins flight from Surabaya with AirAsia Indonesia; for the record it is no longer necessary to be concerned about the safety, it was a smooth flight. For most people Penang is all about the seafood, every corner of Penang is full of fresh-from-the-ocean shrimps, crabs, scallops, etc. But I was there for my grandparents who needed some medical attention at Gleneagles Hospital. As rumoured, their assistance is satisfactory and worth the fee, my grandparents are all well now, all ended happily.

I stayed at 2 different hotels, the first one was The Northam All Suite. One thing I adored about this hotel is the fact that they have jacuzzi in every room and it is quite spacious. My favourite spot is definitely the pool. We stayed for 2 nights here. This hotel is literally back-to-back with Gleneagles Hospital. In case you need more information click here.

The mainstream poolside shot with silk scarf from @Jo_ValliOfficial on Instagram

The second hotel is Maritime Waterfront Hotel. We were very lucky to receive a free upgrade to the Family Suite room with Sea View and 2 bedrooms. I totally recommend staying here, each room is more like an apartment unit complete with minimalist kitchen along with the appliances, dining table, spacious living area. Did I tell you that it's a 2-storey room? The master bedroom is at the upper storey facing the floor-ceiling window to the ocean. This hotel is about 20mins cab ride to Gurney area, here's the link to the site.

Minimalist Lobby of Maritime Waterfront Hotel

Floor-ceiling window
Celebratory lunch for my Grandmother's Recovery

Look out for my next post! I will go over my shopping haul or maybe I should say 'my most recently catched preys'.

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Here's some additional info about the 2 hotels:
Northam All Suite Penang
Phone no. +60 04 3701111
Address: 55 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Georgetown, Penang, 10050 Malaysia
(You can do online booking directly on their site and look out for promotions!)

Maritime Waterfront Hotel
Phone no. +60 43 763769
Address: 29B-03-05 Persiaran Karpal Singh 2, 11600 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
(You can do online booking directly on their site and look out for promotions!)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Now I'm a SoleHunter

Driven by desire, captivated by the very idea, being fully-engrossed and subconsciously in a constant focus toward one thing. A tiger hunts for its prey driven by its instinct to survive, its relentless desire to fulfill its life's purpose, a hunter who grabs his gun and goes deep into the woods to find his glory to bring back home.

Since 2013 to 2015 I have been finishing my study in Singapore and graduated with a Diploma in one hand and a fashion designer's pride in the other. During those difficult time, while I stopped blogging and struggling to earn the S$50,000 worth of paper with my intricately-written name on it, I have discovered a brand new world. Yes, a BRAND new world. 

I bought my very first branded shoes when I went to LA in the summer of 2013. A pair of Charlotte Olympia and Brian Atwood. That's when it happened. An "issue" almost every man has to deal with their plus one. Shoes are addictive. Shoe is good, shoe is life. Good thing I'm on LDR right now, my plus one is currently living in the future so... My father is trying to take care of this "issue" for now. (I'm a daddy's girl and I'm proud of it). 

The maniac pump by Brian Atwood that started it all. In purple patent leather, this shoe was bought in Saks store at Orange County, LA. Maniac was quite a hit back then, it's a classic pump and apparently very comfortable. I haven't done a #shoefie for this shoe, I would do it in the near future though. For similar style, find it here.

Pic from Instagram: @floraneandhari
Another one I snatched at Neiman Marcus was this pair of Charlotte Olympia. I was thrilled to find its name is 'Flora'. LOL. Although it's a 140mm heeled shoes, it is surprisingly comfortable and fits like a glove. I promise you, these can make your legs look a mile long. Check this pair out here.

Driven by desire, captivated by the very idea, being fully-engrossed and subconsciously in a constant focus toward one thing

That's how I am right now, have you ever felt this way about something before? Or am I the only one? I suppose this makes me a hunter. A tiger lurking and waiting to lunge at its prey. Except that my prey is something that you put on your feet to walk in. 

I have so many stories about my journey in finding and snatching preys. Temporarily I will be a storyteller on how I get my shoes. banners with S.A.L.E written on it has been my constant bestfriend, I will tell you how this bestfriend can be yours too!

Bear in mind that all of the preys I will be telling you about are all real, no matter how ridiculous the pricetag sounds. 'Cause that's what SoleHunter does. I hunt.