Friday, 30 October 2015


I remember several years ago when I was desperately yearning for a piece of the Versace X HM collection yet I failed without even trying (I was still studying in Singapore then, so the odds were never in my favor). The same happened when I missed the Anna Dello Russo's which was beautiful!!! But despite the frustration from relentless collaborations I had missed, I can recall a thought which had passed my mind back then, 'I won't miss Balmain, if there were to be one'

Last May when H&M announced its oncoming collaboration with Balmain, that was it. I lost my sh*t.

 For the last couple of weeks I haven't turned my laptop off. Chrome is always up and I think my laptop is getting tired of refreshing the same page over and over...and over...and over again: HM.COM/ID. I have been eyeing on all the latest news regarding #HMBalmaination, setting my target. Kinda like a cheetah lurking in the bushes, considering, calculating chances, and finally set its eyes on a target. Then it lunges.

My day of the year: 5th of November--the launch date. It may sound aggressive but I'm going to secure my grounds 24 hours before the promised day. Well it's still not as hardcore as those in other Singapore you would have to set a camp outside the H&M building about 3 days before the launch. At least that's what happened during Alexander Wang's collaboration launch last year.

If you think I'm crazy to go as far, check out the collection. You'll understand my fascination.

Now these are the pieces that I fell for...

Who wouldn't fall for these beauties....

Olivier Rousteing, the Balmainator was literally had to be stopped by the H&M team from trying to produce everything he had in his mind for this collection. H&M had determined the size of this collection and apparently Mr. Rousteing is very persistent on enlarging it. Too bad H&M managed to stop him..

With the staggering intricacy, elaborate detailing, almost comparable to the actual Balmain pieces, perfectly portrays the outlandish lavishness of the label itself. This collection certainly satisfies every Balmain-yearning souls, every sumptuous thirst. For that, thank you Olivier Rousteing for your generosity to share your genius mind to the world.

Oh, Kendall Jenner nailed her performance in the music video! Have you seen it? It's here.

I've never been the beanie/hat/cap-wearing person. But I think I just turn into one.

Have you noticed that the belt is the key to everything? It completes every look and it defines your waistline. It would be wrong not to get one of the belts.

The collection will be launched in Grand Indonesia in Jakarta on the 5th of November at 8 a.m sharp. Be ready. Be prepared. Because this is the #HMBalmaination era.

Follow me on Snapchat: Floraneandhari for Live Feed during the launch day! I can't wait!

Location: Indonesia


  1. woah, all the collections are awesome! especially your choice. i think i have to saving more money to have the next Balmain collection. they're worth it to buy

    1. Hahaha it wasn't a pretty fight during the launch day. I just wrote another post about it. Rather just buy the real Balmain. Seriously! Thanks for reading by the way!