Monday, 25 February 2013

Red Lips and Friendship

 It has been quite a while since the last time I could actually live my days peacefully, by means, without projects due dates embedded in my mind. So, I did a photoshoot. I was practically very relaxed, playful and just trying to embrace the freedom with having fun dressing up and spend time with my dear friend.


A dear friend of mine, Amelia Putri, she is incredibly talented. Look how she tremendously did the make up. Don't you just love it? She also did the photoshoot, I love her and her freaking talent! 

Oh, I also dyed my hair red. Unfortunately the color was not as vibrant as I wanted it to be, but I guess this will do. One cannot change so drastically. I'm still loving it. Yet, I must say I am very disappointed by how drastically my body weight has gone downhill, ME MUST EAT MORE! 



Fringed Khaki jacket - H&M
Sequined Bandeau - Vero Moda (ASOS)
Sequined Knickers - ASOS
Nude pumps - ALDO 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sunday, 10 February 2013

How I Spend The Lunar New Year Day

The Lunar New Year 2013 falls today, the 10th of February 2013. How exciting! But, well for me is an excitement from a different perspective. As my timeline from facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc all filled with faces I know, dressed in red with their whole family, I thought "I CAN DO THAT TOO!" as in, I can also dress up in red and do things.. except I'm alone, in Singapore. So, in celebratory atmosphere, I ended up playing with my copics and markers and here's what I have for you.

The Chinese tradition always consider the color Red to represent prosperity and good fortune. So here's some of my drawings I have been working on the entire afternoon featuring red dresses with the sexy luscious RED LIPS.

I hope you like it ;) smoochies xoxo

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Grammy

I am so hyped up, I can't wait to watch the Grammys!! in just a few hours I shall put on my glasses, watch every pixel on the TV screen and face my death looking at artists in gorgeous dresses that I would die to ever wear them. THEN, I will choose some of my favorite looks and make an illustration again! Look forward to that ;)


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Awards Season-Golden Globes

I was watching the Golden Globe Awards which was held on the 13th of January 2013, and as I was watching the actors and actresses walking down the red carpet so enchantingly, one of them has caught my attention. The beautiful Australian actress' figure was simply breath taking for me, with the blonde hair, simple make up, and to-die-for body, Nicole Kidman wearing Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 gracefully walking. So, I decided to re-illustrate Nicole Kidman and here's how it is.

I hope you like it, I am always open for feedback and if anyone would like to give me a job on illustrating, I am up to it. Contact me through email 

Awards Season-BAFTA

The BAFTA Trophy
From the glitz and glams, the flashing lights, all eyes to the stars walking down the red carpet. The BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards is just a few days away. I am pretty sure those actresses are running around the town visiting designer houses to get the most perfect dresses. 

The award show will take place on Sunday the 10th of February at Covent Garden. The show starts with the red carpet coverage at 7.30 pm and 9.00-11.00pm is the award show.

Anyway, the awards will include all the best movies around in 2012, from Life of Pi, Argo, Skyfall and Les Miserables, also the animated movies such as Brave and Frankenweenie by Tim Burton.

Here in Singapore, thanks to Fox Asia we will be able to watch the award show Live via Satellite, here are the details:
Red Carpet coverage: Monday,11 Feb'13 @9.00 am
Award ceremony: Monday, 11 Feb'13 @9.30 am

I am looking forward to see the red carpet coverage, let's assess what the stars are wearing for the ceremony. I will keep you posted


Suave Abyss

It's never been easy to start something new and foreign to yourself, SuaveAbyss is my very first blog. I had always been keeping up with certain blogs around me, but never really put into thoughts of making one for myself, but now I'm trying to begin this blogging activity and I hope I can do well.

I am Florane Andhari, Chinese Indonesian girl born in 1994. Currently I am pursuing my dream of becoming a fashion designer in a fashion academy in Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, NAFA and I'm in my 2nd year. 

In this blog, I shall share, discuss and present to you all that is related to fashion, from designers inspirations to my own artworks. Things that for me is interesting and inspirational.

and now, I shall begin...