Thursday, 19 November 2015

Olivier Made Me Do It

Throwback to last year when Alexander Wang was chosen as 'The One' by Hennes & Mauritz, I went to the H&M store in Grand Indonesia at 2 in the morning on the H-day expecting a sea of people crowding the entrance to H&M. Yet, I was a little disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm shown towards the collaboration, when I reached the queue I was the 20th in line. Back then my thoughts were: 1. Yay this is an easy fight; 2. Do people not know who Alexander Wang is?. Anyway I won that battle, I got everything I wanted, went home happily. Had a good night sleep afterwards.

I did not go home happily this time.

I guess Balmain does what Balmain does. I went to H&M at Grand Indonesia at 9pm, 11 hours before the launch. The view was nightmarish. People were blatantly paying off people to queue for them, and to gain multiple entries. Basically these people cheated the quota regulations set by H&M. Thus, by the time my group was called out to enter the area, everything was gone. GONE.

Now, I know that there is no law in the world that forbids you to pay off people to do your shopping or help you with your money-spending habit. But there is this thing called conscience, usually what it does is keeping your integrity, morals and values intact. Now when you cheat off people, I suppose you have lost those three mundane qualities in you.

Oh I just heard from my friend that some people are selling the Balmain x HM dress for 45million Rupiah (US$4000). Talking about conscience.

Nevertheless I was not gonna go down without a single shopping bag to go home with. I managed to snatched a top and that was it. It was not one I fell head over heels for, but at least I look extra skinny in them.

Paired with palazzo pants from Zara, my Dior reflected shades (a gift from my brother <3), Charlotte Olympia 'Cindy' pumps--that extra 14cm punch does its magic every time.

Thanks to the open-ended zipper at the back I can wear this top as a cardigan as well! The thick knit fabric would do exactly what normal cardigans do, except that it has shoulder pads. Which is awesome. I love shoulder pads.

I tried not to look so bitchy in pictures. But this God-given face was made this way and I can't really help it when people keep telling me that I look bitchy AF. I'm a nice person. Really.

Anyway, this might be the last time I'm letting myself spend 11 hours outdoor sitting on my butt on cold pavement just to get my hands on some pieces of clothing. I've got better things to do. Duh. But still, cheers to Olivier Rousteing! Forever a fan, forever sending you love. Balmain rocks! (The real Balmain that is oops!)


  1. At the very least you got something when spending 11 hours of waiting. Photo looks great, especially the last one!

    1. Otherwise I might have gone berserk :') Thanks Dri!!